About Me Hey, I'm Aahaan!

An innovator leveraging emerging technologies to positively impact billions

My passion for technology stemmed from my curiousity, where I learned the true potential of technology and how I can use it to make a difference in the world. Currently I am working on using Nanotechnology to solve diseases and issues in the human body.

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My Expertise What I Do Best



Done lots of research and put out lots of content about using the properties of materials at the nanoscale to create new solutions.



Researched into understanding how the brain works, neurons and neural pathways as well as treatments for brian diseases.


Content Creation

Recorded and edited YouTube videos, written articles about emerging technologies, created monthly newsletters and more.


Leverage Tech

Developed innovative approaches for applying technologies, like Artificial Intelligence, for businessess and real-world problems.

Portfolio My Content

Education & Opportunities My Journey

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  • 2021 - Present

    Nanotechnology Intern at BREC Solutions

    Working as an intern at an internationally recognized nanotechnology consultancy firm, BREC Solutions Limited

  • 2021 - Present

    Increasing Females in the Digital Economy with the United Nations

    Through TKS, Worked on a project to increase female employment in the digital economy by 2026, specifically focusing on South Africa

  • 2020 - 2021

    Consultant / Instacart

    Through TKS, was given a challenge by Instacart to improve customer experience. Delivered a recommendation deck and a live presentation to executives

  • 2020 - Present

    Innovator / The Knowledge Society

    The Knowledge Society (TKS) is a human accelerator that trains teens with future technology and to become CEOs | tks.world

  • 2020 - Present

    Executive Team Member / Tech Under Twenty

    Joined the Leadership Development Program, travelled around the Events team, Marketing team and Partnerships team

  • 2020

    Valedictorion for Class of 2020 (Middle School)

    Selected as the Valedictorian for the Grade 8 Graduating Class

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