Hey, I'm Aahaan!

a 16yo artificial intelligence developer tackling hard problems to drive an impact.

I'm on a mission to create a more exciting future for humanity.

What's top of mind for me right now:


How can I reduce the number of deaths due to the blood shortage in India?

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How can I deepen my technical ability to expand the possibilities of what I can build?

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How can I seek out unique experiences to continue to become an independent thinker?

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I'm a third culture kid. I was born in Dubai, then we moved to Helsinki, Finland. After 4 years we moved to Vienna, Austria and after another 4 years we moved to Toronto Canada.

Due to my diverse experiences, I have been able to witness global problems at each step of my journey. This is why, from a very young age, I have always been problem driven.

Deep tech is what enabled me to take action towards solving some of these global problems. It fundamentally excites me and pushes me to grow every single day.

Featured Experiences

Machine Learning Engineer Internship @ Quantiphi

  1. I leveraged and built new computer vision and point-set registration models to increase the NFL's brain and concussion safety measures.
  2. As part of a client delivery team, I researched and built pipelines to use machine learning models to analyze COVID-19 genomic data for a) mapping the spread of the pandemic and b) predicting harmful variants in the future

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Consulting Challenge with Royal Dutch Shell

Worked with Shell to accelerate towards their net-zero emissions goal by 2050.

Our solution involves leveraging unutilized waste heat from their refineries to decrease green hydrogen production costs by 45%, from €5.25 to €2.86.

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After going through our recommendation deck, Shell selected us as finalists and I got to pitch live to a team of Shell executives about our solution and discuss next steps.

Working with the United Nations

Worked on a project with the United Nations Women department to tackle the challenge of increasing female employment in the digital economy.

My team and I developed a pipeline to establish post-secondary internships with on-the-job learning for women in South Africa by 2026.

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Consulting Challenge for Instacart

Tasked with the challenge of improving customer experience for grocery giant Instacart.

My team and I came up with an approach to implement an Insta-rewards system, add additional features to their app and developed a proprietary white-glove shopper service.

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