A walkthrough of my experiences and accomplishments throughout my unique journey! For the full descriptions and links to any published content, check out the corresponding event in my portfolio.

June 2022

Moderating an AI roundtable @ Collision conference

March 2022

Consulting Challenge for Royal Dutch Shell to accelerate to Net-Zero Emissions


January 2022

Built a state of the art Artificial General Intelligence Project

October 2021

$250k Patrick Poirier: Solving the Impossible Runners-Up Award


Summer 2021

Organized 3+ Technology Events in my Community

August 2021

Machine Learning Engineer Internship @ Quantiphi


July 2021

Built 7+ Artificial Intelligence Projects

June 2021

Published an Academic Review Paper


May 2021

Nanotechnology Internship @ BREC Solutions

March 2021

Working with the United Nations to tackle Gender Inequality in Tech

November 2020

Consulting Challenge for Instacart to improve customer experience

September 2020

Built 4+ Nanotechnology Projects, including a proprietary 3 in 1 POC


Aahaan Maini

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